POLETEHNIKA Company is engaged in providing farmers with the complete and innovative solutions for efficient agricultural production. 
POLETEHNIKA offers to the Ukrainian farmers:
- A range of the best world-known machinery that is necessary for full cycle of agricultural operations
- Possibility to purchase any agricultural machine online, via
- Agrotechnological consultations: high-quality seeds and crop protection agents
- Genuine spare parts, warranty and post-warranty service, on time spare parts delivery
- Customer assistance in financing issues
- Partnership and trust
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Not being indifferent to the destiny of our country and its development, we are striving for the welfare and prosperity of each farmer and large agriholding company. From our own experience we know that during downturn TO SAVE IS NOT THE WAY OUT! THE ONLY WAY OUT IS TO EARN MORE!



We implement innovations and work for agribusiness to revive Ukraine and to lay grounds for the happy life of our descendants.



1. We strive to be ahead of our competitors, implementing innovations and improving products.

2. We are constantly training to be professional even in the smallest aspects as we take part in business development of our partners. We will not miss any detail that could bring additional profit.

3. Our company doesn’t have customers, it has partners. Trust, responsibility and constant experience share strengthen our relations with the partners.

4. POLETEHNIKA Company is, first of all, a team of professional and competent specialists. That’s why we can solve any problem quickly and, what is more important, provide farmers with tools for solving such problems. We don’t conceal secrets of success; we are delighted to share them.

5. Our mission is team work and mutual respect. Working in a team, we solve problems in complex and with understanding.

6. We value time of our partners. All our actions are smooth and directed to achieve the common purpose – to increase profits. We always have an extensive range of spare parts at our stock and machines are shipped from stock quickly and in time.