• Suppresses the weeds steady to 2,4-D and to sulfonilmochevina
  • Thanks to bystry penetration into leaves and good transfer to points of growth of weed plants, provides full death of long-term two-submultiple weeds, including types of a sow-thistle, a bindweed field, a wormwood, an ambrosia, an abutilon, etc.
  • Reliably removes shoots of a fruit drop of colza and sunflower
  • Is a standard of economic and biological efficiency when using in tank mixes in with herbicides on the basis of 2,4-D, MTsPA, triazines, sulfonilmochevin, glifosat.
  • There are no restrictions on use of medicine in a crop rotation

Action mechanism

Dicamba well gets into plants through leaves and roots, moves both on a floema, and on a xylem, tends to collect in points with intensive metabolic processes, i.e. in those places where cages especially quickly share.

Dicamba breaks in weeds balance of auxins - the substances stimulating stretching of cages of plants that leads to deformation and a stop of growth of weeds.


  • The best results against one-year weeds are yielded by processing in a phase of development of 2-6 leaves.
  • Against long-term weeds it is expedient to apply when weeds reached 5 cm (sow-thistles - a socket stage).
  • The greatest efficiency against a bindweed is reached by processings with a height of plants of 5-15 cm.

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