New Holland Новинки 2017

Four innovations from New Holland Agriculture were also recognized on the AE50 list.

The IntelliBale™ ISOBUS Class 3 Tractor & Baler automation for New Holland Roll-Belt™ Series automates the tractor and baling control functions, reducing operator fatigue and fuel consumption and enables the baler to control the tractor's forward motion, bale wrapping, bale ejection, and tailgate closing. The SmartTrax™ with Flex Technology for New Holland CR and CX flagship combines offers an alternative to traction tires to reduce ground compaction and improve operator comfort. The CX/CR Everest 20 levelling system is a stand-alone kit that converts the combine harvester from a standard combine into an expert hill-climbing machine, while providing the advantages of operator comfort and harvesting capacity. The T7 Heavy Duty Enhanced Engine Brake feature is designed to reduce the load imposed upon the tractor and trailed equipment's brakes when decelerating or holding a speed while descending a gradient.

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