Company Berthoud and "POLETEHNIKA" presented Ukrainian agrarians trip to France

For years, Ukrainian farmers have an opportunity to visit European countries the best plants producing agricultural machinery. At this time, the company "Poletehnika" farmers invited to visit the plant to Berthoud. Read more


Ukraine harvested more than 5 million tons of corn!

2015 grains and legumes at the forecast 14.6 million hectares threshed on an area of 11.6 million hectares, or 79%, harvested 42.7 million tons of grain at productivity of 37.0 c / ha (at the date of 2014 r.- 37.6 c / ha). Read more


Посівний комплекс Horsch Pronto NT


Self-propelled sprayer Horsch now in the Ukraine!

Finally! Horsch company introduced a new self-propelled sprayer Read more

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