Are you a leader? Your place in the company's number 1!

The advantages of working in the company №1 in Ukraine. Companies choose suppliers agrogigantiv world for the production of the finest examples Read more


Manitou все могучий!

Компанія «Manitou» випустила найбільший колісний телескопічний навантажувач у світі! Read more


Racing sprayers for Field Days "German Agrarian Center"!

The company "POLETEHNIKA" took part in the Days field "German Agrarian Center-2015", which annually eponymous German Agricultural Center «DAZ Nimaz». Read more


Conference "Precision Agriculture - 2015" by publishing "Farmer".

The company "POLETEHNIKA" - the leader in sales of precision farming TRIMBLE of Ukraine, took part in the already traditional conference - "Precision Agriculture - 2015", which organized the "Farmer". Read more

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