"As you sow, you shall mow!" - We, in POLETEHNIKA Company, like no other, understand it. Having more than 40 000 hectares of farmland in the southern and central part of Ukraine, we have made a lot of tests and chosen the best range of seed grain, fertilizers and crop protection agents for many years of successful work.
We have tested all products like seeds, fertilizers, crop protection agents in the fields of our own farns in Zaporizhhzya and Kyiv regions. The whole range of products was exposed to strict rotation on the basis of the achieved results and only then it was offered to our partners.
For 8 years at the market we have got an unanswerable reputation and unshaken trust of our partners. You always have choice. And if it is a choice of high-quality product and not courtefeit, we are always at your service.
You will not find anything else except those products that we tested in our own fields in the product range of POLETEHNIKA Company.
You can always be sure in quzality and authenticity of our products. POLETEHNIKA has the fair policy of control from producers.
At the moment POLETEHNIKA is the leading company in selling Limagrain products in Ukraine.
So, expanding our business, in 2015 we became the official dealer of Monsanto, the leading producer of corn in the world.

You can choose the best from the best:

Limagrain - top performer in wheat yield worldwide and sunflower seed producer №1 in Europe. It has authority with farmers in southern and eastern regions of Ukraine.
Syngenta - №1 in sales volumes of sunflower seeds in the world.
Monsanto - the leading producer of corn seeds in the world, very popular among farmers in central and western regions of Ukraine. It is the most established and the most popular producer of crop protection agents among Ukrainian farmers.
Basf - unanswerable leader among producers of crop protection agents.
You can test our products in your fields in any time.
You can do it quickly and easily with the help of:
- flexible cooperation terms,
- individual financial sales programs and exclusive offers from our financial partners